• Wedding Website

    This shows an example of our designing capabilities. This is a template we designed targeting photographers, which is reflected by maximising the space for the photograph and minimising the other functions on the site. This is a template which we designed hoping to one day release to the public as a free template.

  • Lockerz Invitation Site
    lockerzinvitation website

    Lockerz.com is a popular website amongst young users. The concept is that they earn an online currency called PTZ by watching videos and answering daily questions. They can then use this virtual currency to purchase items such as MacBook Pros and Sony PSPs.

    Lockerz is an invitation-only site where you need an existing member to invite you to join. This can be a long process, especially if you do not know any existing members. This is where LockersInviteOnline comes in. It allows users to enter their email address to the system so that they can receive an invitation quickly and easily.

  • Guitar Tablature Site

    GuitarProTabs.org is a website that allows visitors to download files for the popular guitar tablature software, Guitar Pro 5. It is a database-driven website that spans over 25,000 pages and features a membership system that allows for further features to be unlocked.

  • Tutorial Indexing Website

    911Tutorials is a website we built that is simliar to Tutorialized and Good-Tutorials. It allows visitors to browse through tutorials on various subjects such as Photoshop, Flash, and Blender 3D. It also allows webmasters to sign up and submit their tutorials to the system, which is added to the index once approved by the admin.

  • Game Guild Website

    This is a guild website we built for the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. We put emphasis on graphic elements so visitors would immediately understand the theme of the website.

  • Real Estate Website
    realestate website

    This is an another example of a full-fledged system we designed from the bottom up. HuaHinProperty-Sales.com was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP and MySQL. It was built to allow the client an easy way to manage online property listings. It features search engine friendly URLs and an currency converter which automatically checks exchange rates every 24 hours.

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Wavelink Media have completed three projects for me and I have been more than happy with every one of them.

They always understood my instructions and carried them out exactly. I am very impressed and intend to work with them again for future work.

Steve Jones

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